Chris Parker

The Power of Words


Chris provides business support, talks, workshops and one-to-one coaching on:

  • The Power of Words.
  • Creating Rapport and Trust.
  • Active Listening.
  • Influencing in face-to-face Communication.
  • Influencing using the written word.
  • Creating a Positive First Impression.
  • Delivering Messages that Influence positively.
  • Managing the 6 Principles of Influence Successfully.
  • Creating and managing emotional states through interpersonal communication.
  • Identifying and Matching the Communication Patterns of Others.
  • Leadership, Communication and Influence.
  • Influencing the Performance of Others.
  • Enacting the Mission.
  • Creating and sharing a corporate narrative.
  • Communication and Change Management.
  • Career progression.
  • Creativity.

Business support

Focussing on the following:

Walking the talk

The extent to which corporate communications are translated into consistent and congruent action.

Serving and pleasing

The quality and consistency of customer service.

Sharing your story

The development and delivery of the corporate narrative.

Are offered to all audiences or groups on any aspect of the power of words. The style and content of each talk is tailored to requirements.

Designed to meet agreed needs and ranging from several hours to several days in duration, all workshops are interactive and practical, providing opportunities to apply new learning and, if appropriate, develop teamwork.

One-to-one coaching
These sessions can be anything from 1 - 4 hours. Focussing on individual development and/or career progression they are offered as one-off or occasional sessions, or as a scheduled, longer-term programme.




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