Chris Parker

The Power of Words

Stories of personal change

Here are some stories about how I have used the power of words to create personal change.


Stories of sporting change
Here are some stories about how I have used the power of words to create sporting change.


Stories of professional change

‘Using words and bricks to create new products’

I was asked to provide creativity training for an international organisation. Fittingly, it was a new experience for the executives taking part. Amongst other things we explored the power of metaphor, wrote some poetry, developed the team dynamics and learnt lots by studying the bricks in the hotel’s walls.

I was told later that, as result of our time together, three new products were developed and brought to market.

‘Getting the job of your dreams’
A leading academic was ready to move on to the next stage of his career, yet doubted his ability to get the job he longed for. I helped him to realise that getting a job is a game. To play it well you need to understand the rules and develop the required skills. With this realisation and the new skills he acquired through our training he quickly secured the job of his dreams.

‘Growing the business’
An executive had been given the responsibility of growing a new part of the business. I taught him how to create trusting relationships with new clients quickly and ethically. He was able to build his client base faster than he had ever expected. The new part of the business was a great success.

‘Communicating as a leader’
Having achieved a significant leadership role, an executive decided she wanted to improve her communication skills. She had come to the conclusion that how a leader communicates is pivotal to their influence and success. We met and worked together. Not only did she learn about the power of words, she learnt how to select, structure, sequence and apply them brilliantly. She is now a hugely influential leader and a positive role model to many. 

‘Managing upwards’
A newly promoted executive first realised the importance of managing his boss well when some very specific feedback showed him that he wasn’t. The training we did as a consequence changed the relationship he had with his boss in the most positive of ways. He soon became trusted and praised. He also found he could apply the things he had learnt to many other aspects of his new role.

‘Business presentations’
A dynamic, creative business leader with a history of success decided to develop his formal and informal communication skills, starting with how he delivered business presentations. We focussed on this for a period of time. He was excited by the progress he made and the results that brought. We then moved on to an equally rigorous study of interpersonal communication. Again he learnt quickly and well. He continues to use these skills every day. He credits them with building a most creative, supportive network and increasing business turnover significantly.

‘Creating and sharing a corporate narrative and all that entails’
I believe we all have a story to tell. Even businesses. Which is good news because there’s arguably nothing more influential than a good story told well. Often though we don’t know how to create and share our story. Sometimes, it’s so personal to us we don’t even quite know what it is. That’s why I’m asked to unwrap and then write the narrative that explains just what a business stands for, what it believes in and how it makes the world a better place.

I’ve found that a corporate narrative expressing the heart and soul of a business is emotionally powerful - it moves and motivates those involved as well as their current and potential customers.

‘Modelling excellence’
I love modelling excellence. To me the opportunity to model people who are brilliant at what they do is priceless. Not only is it the best way to learn, it’s also always a fun and challenging experience. This is because individuals who are masterful tend to operate at such a subconscious level they are rarely consciously aware of all they do to achieve the results that amaze the rest of us. Consequently you have to know how to dig below the surface, both with your questioning and observations, if you are to uncover precisely how they are so successful.

I’ve had the privilege of modelling a number of outstanding professionals in recent years. As a result I’ve learnt huge amounts and been able to share their work through my books Campaign It!, The Diego Masciaga Way and The Brain Always Wins, covering topics as seemingly diverse as campaigning communications to achieve success, delivering exemplary customer service and improving your life through better brain management. I say seemingly because the power of words is central to them all.

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