Chris Parker

The Power of Words

Words and me

I use words so that better things happen in my own and other peoples’ lives.

I’ve been studying how to do this and applying my learning with individuals and organisations in a wide range of contexts and environments since 1976.


Because words have incredible power. They influence our personal and professional lives in every way. They are at the very heart of how we communicate with each other, our environments and ourselves.

Words have power because they always create an effect. That effect can be positive or negative, accidental or planned.

The challenge we all face if we are to make the most of our life experience – both personal and professional - is to use words deliberately and well
                                                                               so that...

a) we influence only as intended and with integrity, building relationships that are productive, positive and powerful

b) we create and maintain environments that nurture, challenge and support in appropriate measure and style

c) we set and achieve the most meaningful personal and professional goals.

To do this continually we need 3 things:

  • The desire to influence others, our environments and our self positively and respectfully
  • Clearly defined outcomes
  • A range of skills underpinned by specific beliefs, attitudes and knowledge

Used brilliantly, words have the power to:

  • Build trusting, mutually beneficial relationships
  • Underpin and promote business growth              
  • Empower leaders
  • Enable education and healing                    
  • Encourage and develop creativity
  • Gain support for change
  • Overcome personal and professional challenges.

I teach people how to use their words to achieve these things.

If you want your words to create the most positive of outcomes, do get in touch. 

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